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Puppy Pre-K

"By enrolling Scout in Lessons that Last, it allowed us to fast track her development in an environment conducive to learning. Scout was given prolonged, dedicated attention that we wouldn't have been able to give her based on our own busy schedules. She came away each session having an understanding of principles that we were then able to reinforce and practice so that by the next session she was able to move on to more principles. The interaction with other dogs and people of all ages also gave her confidence that she did not initially have and allowed her to be exposed to different situations outside the home. Lori was also able to give us tips for issues we were having at home (crate training, issues with solo-walking, etc.). Not only did these sessions help Scout learn, but she genuinely loved going to each of her sessions. I would recommend Lessons that Last to anyone who is looking to ensure their puppy gets the time and dedication that they deserve as a member of your family."

- Kaylin B.

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