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Focused Program

"Lori and Abigail are very knowledgeable and have an intimate understanding of dog behavior. I learned things from them I’ve never seen mentioned in a training book, and they explain things in a way that makes perfect sense. Jack is my fifth dog and is the first dog I’ve ever sought professional training for. He’s high-energy and a bit stubborn and when I first adopted him I found his behavior challenging. I’m so grateful for Lori and Abigail’s help and feel every dog, even if they seem easy, is deserving of such a great start. Jack learned a lot from them, but if I had to call out one skill, it would have to be his leash skills. Before training he would bite the leash and pull every which direction, making walks difficult and frankly embarrassing. He now walks right next to me, eyes on my face looking for direction, and it’s a pleasure walking with him. The program requires you to work on training at home and maintain consistency, but it’s easy with the direction provided. I feel confident in my knowledge now and know I have a great resource should I need additional training help. The training program brought my dog and me closer together and helped us solidify a healthy dynamic. I highly recommend it."

- Beth C.

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